Friday, June 04, 2010

B-Team - First Product 7 " 1982 (self released)

What Is This

Now that I got that metal post out of the way I have to do a second post today so I can give you the record I really wanted to share. The first time I heard the opening song on this record "What Is This ? " I knew exactly what it of the best post punk songs I have ever heard. The other 2 songs on this record are good and the track "Caught" comes closest to living up to the glory of the title track but just falls a little short. Give this a listen and put "What Is This ?" on repeat, you won't be disappointed...Dave G.

P.S. Thanks Chris for turning me on to this band and countless others over our 17 years of friendship.


CHRIS said...

Hey man.....glad to share, and thank you to you as well! As that ol' crackwhore Whitney Houston once sang......."that's what friends are for"

Todd said...

Thanks for your very kind words about B Team. I was the band's bassist and singer. In case you're interested, I've made a recording of our last show (at Wolfgang's in San Francisco) available for download from Bandcamp.