Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Young And The Useless - Real Men Don't Floss - Ratcage 1982

Snotty, primitive early NYHC featuring Adrock from the Beastie Boys before he became a Beastie. There are certainly similarities to be drawn between the sounds of this 7" and the first Beasties 7" "Polly Wog Stew". It's funny but I forgot how young these kids were when they recorded this record back in 1982, I mean hell look at the back cover photo, certainly not the image that first comes to mind when you think of NYHC huh.


winston95 said...

what a great discovery - thanks man!

CHRIS said...

I have a really old and beat to crap cassette tape from 1982 somewhere, and both sides of the 30 minute tape are of "Life After Death"....the old WNYU hardcore show that followed the defunct "Noise The Show"....but the interesting thing is that the majority of the tape contains a goofy ass interview with The Young and Useless and Dave Insurgent from Reagan Youth (as they were promoting a show they were playing together)...and lil baby Adrock premiers the new "Young and Useless" 7" for the first time on that some 28 years later, I am reading your blog post and thinking.......damn I'm old!

Zach said...

great record! i always love when funk makes it's way onto a punk record. thanks!