Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Outcasts - Frustration 7" It Record Co 1978

I'm posting this single up by request. This is the first 7" from the Outcasts who hailed from Belfast. My copy of this record is in beautifully rough condition, plenty of scratches and crackling going on which sort of fits the rough yet catchy 77 style of punk rock that is trapped inside the records grooves....Dave G.


Zach said...

thanks for ripping it.

you weren't lying when you said "plenty". i love that sound though. i always love the beat up condition stuff too.

this is even better than i thought it would be, thanks so much!

Dave G said...

You're welcome Zach, glad you liked this one. I'll probably post a few more of the records I picked up this past weekend over the next week or so.

Zach said...