Monday, October 04, 2010

Slaughter - Bloody Karnage - Demo 1984

Here's a 7" of the 1984 demo by Canada's Slaughter. I am not sure if this was an official release or if it's a bootleg, but I do know that either way it is out of print at this point.

I really don't know what to say about this record. The music is primitive sounding death/thrash with fairly clean vocals.
I don't know, there is a low budget quality to the music and this entire record package that I find charming and completely captivating in all honestly. It's funny because I had their Lp "Strappado" as a teen and I never really got into it...unfortunately I sold the Lp in the 90's. I bet if I still had the Lp I would like now...Dave G.


jbm said...

Funny, i just listened to Strappado last night. i think its a great record, but i have some friends who've always been kinda "eh" about Slaughter, so your not alone. i Would say, def never thought they were as much of a Celtic Frost clone as some folks say. sure there's an influence there - how many Hellhammer and Celtic Frost t-shirts can u cound on the Strappado inner sleeve?? - but i think there's a much stronger hardcore influence than most folks acknowledge (i mean, sure they might SAY its there because they're SUPPOSED to - but its there way more than in just the vocals). I always thought they had more in common w/ someone like Jim Jones And The Kool Ade Kids or somethin.

i'm not even gonna bother tryin to say somethin funny about that cover art. Man, u gotta love metal.

CHRIS said...

That is one hell of a cover!