Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shawn Sings

Dag Nasty "Can I Say" session recorded on Halloween Day 1985 with Shawn Brown on vocals. This session was never released in it's entirety until now... thanks to Dischord Records.

I remember first hearing this Lp back in the day and dismissing it, honestly based on Dave Smalley's vocals. I really felt the vocals were too melodic at the time but over the years I grew to really like this Lp and Dave's vocals as well.

Anyway, I really like this version of Can I Say, and Shawn's vocals immediately correct what I had thought was a problem many years ago upon first hearing this record. Shawn's vocals are much tougher and hardcore sounding than Dave's, and really add a harder somewhat less melodic feel to the songs. It's cool to hear this session in it's entirety, and now you have 2 excellent versions of this record to choose from so it's a win/win...Dave G.


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Zach said...

dischord is putting together some good session lps. this, government issue, and i the one i'm really looking forward to, artificial peace.

Zach said...

dischord is already out of them. more coming on the day of the release of artificial peace lp.