Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bad Influence - Wars No Fun - demo 1983

Bad Influence - San Francisco Ca.

Demo tape originally released in 1983 and recently rereleased as a 7" by Who Cares Records in a limited edition of 300. The 7" is already out of print, however Kangaroo Records may still have a few copies left, that's where I got my copy so hit them up if you want one. Also Cowabunga Records has copies as well.

My friend Zach over at Hardcore Punk Reviews beat me to posting this one so click HERE to listen to the demo on Zach's blog , and then visit Cowabunga or Kangaroo records to buy a 7" before they are gone..Dave G.

Review: "A totally hot, well-produced tape from this previously unknown bunch of kids from SF's suburbs. It features very tight stop-and-go thrash, sort of like early Circle Jerks."
-Tim Yohannon, from MRR #5, 1983

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Zach said...

great demo. well i'm glad you found a copy. i didn't know Cowabunga had some. thanks for linking me up!