Tuesday, April 05, 2011


So I got off my lazy ass and ventured out to see my brothers band at Lit Lounge in NYC last night, and man I am glad I went. I have never posted about black metal on this blog and besides the few Horna records in my collection I am not overly familiar with Black Metal or at least not the current BM scene.

Anyway, I was hanging at the bar drinking as many beers as I could before 9pm when the price of a beer was set to increase from $3 to $6 when my friend said "dude I heard the first band tonight is a one man Black Metal band", and I logically said "so he plays guitar and uses a drum machine or some shit" and my friend said "not exactly"... So we headed down to the band area and there sits "Lord" himself in a ski mask playing guitar, singing and pounding out blast beats with his feet on a kick drum and a snare drum that is taped to a milk crate. Well, in all my years I have never seen anyone do this and I have to say it was pretty awesome. If this one man death machine comes to your town I highly recommend you check him out, even if you are not a big BM fan it's still worth your while...Dave G.

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CHRIS said...

Would have loved to have seen that.......fucking great name as well!