Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Dr. Know - The Original Group 7" Mystic Records

Dr Know - The Original Group 7"
Mystic Records 1988 - early demo recordings

Wish I had something interesting to say about Dr. Know but I really don't . I admittedly ignored Dr. Know for 20 + years,and even thought that the Dr. Know records were solo records from Dr. Know of the Bad Brains when I was younger hahaha...

Anyway, lately I have found myself listening to this 7" and the excellent "Plug In Jesus" Lp which is the record I really wanted to post, but Aesop over at Cosmic Hearse beat me to it. So give this 7" a listen and then go check out the Lp on Aesop's excellent blog.

Musically, this 7" has a more punk sound to it, however the "Plug In Jesus" Lp definitely brings metal to the mix and in the best possible way...Dave G.

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CHRIS said...

I love Dr Know......and i am a huge fan of the "This Island Earth" lp......which no one seems to like.....hahaha