Saturday, July 09, 2011

American Dream - s/t Lp - America Records 1984

American Dream - Allentown, PA

I haven't posted much music to the blog lately, but that's because I was waiting to have something amazing to share and American Dream is the amazing band I have been looking for.

I am confident that this Lp is the best American hardcore punk record that you have most likely never heard. Originally released in 1984 in a very small pressing of only 300 copies , it is this records obscurity and small pressing amount that has stopped it from being a classic but has caused it to be a highly sought after collectible amongst those in the know.

Musically, this is straight up hard charging punk/hardcore, though there is some full on guitar soloing involved which may bother some but doesn't bother me in the slightest.

Files removed as I have learned an official reissue of this Lp is in the works. More details to come in the near future...Dave G.

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Zach said...

a real killer. thanks!