Friday, July 22, 2011

Vectom - Speed Revolution - 1984 Gamma Records

Speed Revolution


Cool , yet fairly typical German thrash metal record from a lessor known 2nd or even 3rd tier early 80's German thrash band. Really nothing ground breaking going on here, but I do like and appreciate the album for it's obvious sincerity and straight forward thrash metal approach.

Here is a very accurate album review I found online:

"The mid 1980’s spawned a sub scene in thrash metal, namely speed metal. Germany was the main area for the genre which took its cue from Maiden and injected speed (obviously) and powering double bass drums. The scene was very severely limited due to the style the songs all took. However if it wasn’t for this scene I think many of today’s power metal combos wouldn’t exist. Speed Revolution may not be the best album of the genre but it has passion and sincerity which is often lacking in metal today. The album has a top heavy bass production compounded by some decent drum work, especially in the foot department. The guitar work, whilst basic, has a certain degree of melody which the band only spoils by trying too hard in the solos. The vocals are more down tuned than your typical thrash and speed metal as the group have tried to thrust a more demonic vocal style into the songs at times. The album treats us to a nice cheesy track (Loudness and Speed), which to be honest I find very enjoyable. Damned Love is different to the rest as it starts with a labored double bass drum kick and rarely gets into the archetypal speed associated with the genre. Overall the album is worthy of the attention of any speed metal freak and is becoming quite difficult to find, but is definitely worth the effort." ... Infernali

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