Friday, July 08, 2011

Grave Mistake Records Bandcamp page

Great label releasing future punk rock classics. Check out the new bandcamp page for free downloads of almost everything on the label. If you like what you hear please buy something and support this great label.



Zach said...

hey Dave, hows it going? i haven't been around in a while.
thanks for the update on this new Bandcamp page, just listened to the new Night Birds LP. can't wait to buy it.

Dave G said...

Hey Zach, good to hear from you. Everything is going fine with me same old same old. Hope you are well.

I saw the Night Birds live last week with Night Fever and Municipal Waste...the NB's were great again, as was Night Fever.

Zach said...

oh nice, yeah same old here too.

oh sweet show. must have been a riot. Night Fever is the hardcore "New Blood" Night Fever right? i didn't think i would like them, but the music is really growing on me, especially "Still Kickin'".

Dave G said...

Yeah the "New Blood" Night Fever. I like the New Blood Lp/cassette...not a big fan of the new 7" though.