Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fresh Meat - The Stunning Self Destruction 2011

Fresh Meat have a brutal hardcore punk style that is sort of horror inducing. This is a good promising recording for a band that has been together for less than 6 months. The music reminds me of the Misfits meets Ministry or something along those lines. I think the band is onto something here as their music has a fairly original feel to it to my ears. Anyway Give them a listen and keep an eye out for future releases...Dave G.

"Fresh Meat started in May of 2011 and within three weeks started gigging. With influences spanning punk, hardcore, psychobilly and also electronic music we opted to use programmed drums instead of a live drummer. This gives the music a cardiac inducing pounding rhythm which will either make you dance or vomit down your favourite Exploited t-shirt."

Fresh Meat bandcamp
Fresh Meat facebook

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