Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mothman - Axe Hold and 5 Songs of Freedumb Demo Tapes

The mighty Mothman formed in the nether regions of NJ somewhere around 1993, and used to play a lot of shows locally with a lot of the Emo bands of the mid 90's, though there was absolutely nothing Emo about Mothman.

Mothman actually played more of a dirty Lower East side of NYC style of Metal more similiar to Prong or the Unsane. The music is heavy, dark,angry and hits like a repetitive pounding to your head.

If you like what you hear....I released a Mothman 7" back aound 1995 or so that you can purchase from me right here in the distro section of this blog.

Mothman is actually still active today, however they went through a change in drummers some years back and changed their name to The Nolan Gate. You can download The Nolan Gate elsewhere on this blog or you can buy a copy of their cds from my distro as well or don't buy anything...I really don't care...Dave G.

Demo Tapes

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