Thursday, September 08, 2011

Negative Degree - 2011 Demo Tape

Negative Degree - Denver Colorado - contact:

Excellent Straight forward angry punk / hardcore with a bit of a Germs feel in the stripped down guitar sound. Also, brings more current bands like the Formaldehyde Junkies to mind.

Honestly, not much more to be said about this demo, it's just a solid all around demo that should definitely lead to a 7" release in the near future.

Looks like distro's are selling out of this tape pretty quickly so I would get one fast if you like what you hear...Dave G.

Here's a couple songs for you to check out.

Service Industry

Punch Out

Purchase demo tape.


Mark/ND said...

Here's a link to download it, too:

Dave G said...

cool Mark...didn't want to give the whole thing away without the bands okay...thanks!

Mark/ND said...

No worries, Dave, although I really do appreciate your caution, we're almost out of tapes and I'd really just like for our music to be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their willingness and/or ability to spend money. Also, thanks for the kind words!

Zach said...

those songs are great. will download the whole thing later. thanks Dave for letting me know about this and thanks Mark for it. i just bought the tape.

Anonymous said...

They sound like the Dead Kennedys on "In God We Trust Inc".