Monday, December 05, 2011

Judge - Bringin It Down Gold Vinyl Revelation

I am thinking about trading away my sealed copy of this Lp. Here's a pictures of the actual record. I have a black vinyl 1st pressing so I never opened this gold / orange (depending on who you ask) vinyl copy of the final pressing which is the most limited pressing of only 333 copies.

Revelation notes that this is Gold vinyl Kevin Finn says it's orange. I know this record has some value so it is going to take something special to pry it away from me.

I would consider trading it for some other rare Rev Records that I do not have, color vinyl together comp or original early dischord records like Youth Brigade Possible 7" or Teen Idles - Minor Disturbance 7" , Antidote - thou shalt not kill 7" etc.

If you think you have something I'd want drop me an email. Don't be shy I know I am shooting for the stars with my small want list but my actual want list is much longer.

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