Friday, December 02, 2011

NME - Unholy Death - LSR Records 1985

Unholy Death

NME - Tacoma Wa. USA

To my ears NME sound like the evil spawn of Venom and Slaughter...the Canadian death thrashers Slaughter, not that terrible 80's / 90's hair metal band.

I was snooping around the net trying to come up with a better description of NME'S music when I came across Oxenkiller's review of this record on Encyclopedia Metallum which I thought hit the nail on the here you go...Dave G.

"A lot of people have compared this to Venom, and certainly those comparisons are valid. Both bands share a similar songwriting style and image. NME weren’t really a speed or thrash band in the sense that, say, Bathory, Slayer and Possessed were. Rather, much like Venom and Hellhammer, they relied on a series of mid-paced, malevolent grinding riffs and allowed the overall heaviness, atmosphere and distortion to carry the sound. However, the guitar sounds on here are far darker and more corrosive and sinister than Venom ever were; its actually somewhat indescribable: eerie and heavy at the same time. The playing is none too complex, but there is more going on than just the simple riffs. The guitar has way more reverb and distortion on it than Venom or Hellhammer, and the guitarist deliberately channels the feedback to accentuate the playing. The overall effect is one of simplicity and power, getting the most power out of each single note, mimimalism at its best. And the production values are none too pretty either but that’s the point, you just don’t want them to be. The raw minimalist production actually suits this music perfectly; everything cranked up to ten. The whole thing is paradoxically beautiful in its very rawness and ugliness".

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