Friday, May 08, 2009

Anthrax - Soldiers of Metal ep Megaforce Records 1983

Erich over at Good Bad Music For Bad, Bad Times posted this ep not too long ago. Honestly, you should go to his blog and download his superior vinyl rip of this 7" just for qualities sake, but if you ain't picky then just download my humble rip. I am only posting this here because I finally found this beat up copy of this single after 20+ years of searching for it, and I feel it should be a part of my blog. I remember seeing the ep on the wall of Rock N' Heaven in Clark NJ when it came out, but for some reason I would always pass it up. Then of course on the one trip where I said I am buying that damn Anthrax single was gone forever, well almost forever...Dave G.


screambloodygore said...

nice! Coincidentally I listened to Fistful of Metal, Spreading the Disease and yes, Among the Living today. I like Anthrax again. I went through a long time period of my life (1990 to 2009) where I just didn't listen to them anymore although I never stopped listening to metal.

Riffs are killer, always were, still good as ever...but Joey Belladona wore on me. I don't mind him now though. It sounds like Mars Volta haha...well, Mars Volta sounds like him, vocally anyway.

HC said...
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Erich said...

Actually, it's pretty easy to track down on ebay. Hahaha. Great post Dave! Hahaha, no really, I mean it. Pearls like this should be posted all over. Just like 5051 which I had on my blog too a while back.

PS: And it's a 7" single, not an ep.

Dave G said...

Ok 7" single,I stand corrected lol. I know you posted the 5051 7" as well Erich, but I can't drop your name in every post hahaha...And yes the Anthrax ep came from ebay, but man where else are you supposed to find rare records these days ?

Anonymous said...

>>>but man where else are you supposed to find rare records these days?

ummmmm, this one's in my cedar closet chillin' w/ the rest of my teen-detritus.

hope all's well.