Monday, May 04, 2009

Farside - Keep My Soul Awake - Crisis Records 1990

Farside reminds me of Bad Religion in some ways on this their first 7" . I really liked this one back in the day and it still holds a certain amount of charm for me. Somehow I became pen pals with the singer Popeye for a bit. I remember he sent me a cassette of some cool demo and acoustic tracks that I need to dig out from my tape box. He also invited me to a show at The Anthrax in CT, but I chicken out and never went. Anyway, Farside signed to revelation records and went on to release a bunch of full lengths over the next 10 years or if you like this ep please head over to revelation and purchase a full length or two which I am sure are still in print.


Jamie said...

Thanks for the Farside! This totally appeals to the 'dorky emo chick circa 1994' in me.

See you tomorrow night!


Dave G said...

This totally appeals to the 'dorky emo chick circa 1994' in me also lol...See you tomorrow Jamie.

Ape Mummy said...


I haven't heard this in about 15 years. My penis keeps me from being a dorky emo chick, but I'm definitely chest tapping along.

Thanks for the post!

James Damion said...

Thanks Dave, "Keep my Soul Awake" is such an amazing song. Reminds me of good times.