Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Man Sized Action - Five Story Garage - Reflex Records 1984

So I am sitting here trying to decide how the hell I am going to follow up Satan's Massacre, and I realized that it's really not possible. So instead of trying to top that post I am just going to put it behind me and move forward.

"Five Story Garage" is the second and I believe final Lp by Man Sized Action. I posted their first Lp "Claustrophobia" a few months back so I figured I would post this Lp for the people who enjoyed the first Lp. Musically this is more of the same really,which is a good thing, a really really good thing actually. The urgent vocals and rhythmic drumming is still on display, and my previous comparison to Middle Class still holds true. The only real difference that I hear on "Five Story Garage" is that there is now a bit of a Husker Du feel to the guitars. Honestly, this record and "claustrophobia" come highly recommended by me (lol), and I strongly urge everyone to give them a listen.


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Dan Druff said...

MSA is one of those bands that I would hear the name of 30 years ago, but never got the opportunity to check 'em out. I just did, after watching the Slint documentary I was googling Brian Paulson and saw he was a member on this album. I just checked it out on youtube. It's great stuff, wonder if I would have appreciated 'em when I was 15. The Middle Class was the first thing that came to mind as I was listening. "See, this is what their 1982 album *should* have sounded like."