Monday, July 12, 2010

Blood Feast - Face Fate 12" - New Renaissance Records 1987

What do I do now that I called NRR a sub-par label in my previous post ? I ask for even more punishment by posting this record and claiming straight out that I like it. I remember getting the Blood Lust demo from these Bayonne NJ thrashers before the name change to Blood Feast, I still have that tape in my collection actually. Unlike the Executioner record these dudes are actually tight, and their drummer is much more competent than Executioner's. I think this is a fun record to listen to with it' solid riffs, quick drumming and blood curdling there you go...let me have it...Dave G.


Pär Arvidsson said...

I love this album, perhaps THE NRR release.

screambloodygore said...

this record rules!

Chabbar said...

Thanx till death!