Thursday, July 08, 2010

Underground Soldier - Fun Before Profit ! Speed of Sound Records 1984

Here's a band I had never heard of until my brother pulled it from a used bin a few weeks ago and passed it over to me saying this looks cool. I don't worry about my brother going through the used bin ahead of me since we don't normally look for the same records. Anyway,I looked at the back cover and saw a dude in what I initially thought was a Motorhead shirt and figured that was reason enough to add this Lp to the buy pile. Upon futher inspection when I got home I noticed this baby was recorded at Inner Ear Studios in 1984 by none other than Don Zientra and it was produced by ... Ian Mackaye...score. Musically, this isn't exactly what you would expect based on my lead in and your familiarity with the DC punk scene, but for the most part it is excellent early DC punk, but not completely in the Dischord style. Also the female fronted vocals are a definite bonus for me...Dave G.


malfeitor said...

I believe this has Doug E. Byrd (I think that was his name) who went on to play bass in Beefeater.

Dave G said...

you are correct Malfeitor.

Dave G said...

Doug E Byrd played in a lot of bands man. Here is a list..