Thursday, July 22, 2010

Medieval - st 12" New Renaissance Records 1986 - repost from August 2008

Found a fairly poor review of this record in an old issue of Metal Forces today, and I figured I would report this one for fun and to give people a chance to compare the music with the interview. If I come across more interviews of old posts I think I will update them to include the reviews because I think it adds an interesting dimension to the listening process. Anyway, I think Mr. Exley completely missed the fact that the outdated production values actually add a dimension to the music that I don't think it would have if it had received the standard 1986 thrash / doom metal production...Dave G.


ben said...

i think all of his reasons to not like the album make me want to listen to this.

Dave G said...

It's funny but I always felt the Medieval really didn't sound like any other band, and I honestly see no connection at all between Medieval, Celtic Frost and Samhain.

I honestly don't think Medieval had anything to do with those types of bands.

CHRIS said...

Medieval were amazing!