Friday, December 17, 2010

v/a Anglican Scrape Attic - 2000 mph - Flexi Disc 1985

Time to get some metal back up on the blog...sorry Zach. I have no recollection of purchasing this flexi disc. If I had to guess I would say I probably mailordered it back in 1985 when I was a senior in high school...ouch. I do remember wanting it because I was a big time metal head and I wanted this because it had Hirax on it. I do recall not caring for this 7" much when I was 18 years old, but over the years I have come to appreciated it. Honestly, the only true metal track on here is the Hirax song which sounds completely out of place on this compilation since all the other bands are sort of 80's style crusty, dirty, metallic hardcore to my ears with Concrete Sox and Sacrilege bashing out the best tracks in my opinion.

For more details about this record visit the 7" Crust blog


Zach said...

haha that's alright. so i thought i'd download this just to see. well...."top fight" is alright. but that's me.

what exactly is a flexi disc? i've heard it so many times but i don't actually know what it is. what's different from regular vinyl?

Dave G said...

A flexi is a flimsy plastic record. They used to give them away in magazines and stuff back in the day. I can't find anyone who still makes them.

Zach said...

oh thanks for info. you get a free flexi 7" if you sign up for a year of mrr.

Ancient Doom said...

Cool item. Would love to hear 320kbps MP3's. Or perhaps FLAC?