Monday, December 06, 2010

Garden Variety / Chune - split 7" Cargo Recs 1995

Here's a cool split release from 2 excellent 90's punk bands. I was a pretty big fan of Garden Variety in the 90's and if I told you I saw them live 30 times I might actually be underestimating. Garden Variety were a real emotional powerhouse of a band live with impassioned vocals backed by straight forward punk music. I'd say they have a touch of a Jawbreaker influence in their music. Chune on the other hand move at a bit slower tempo but again with emotional vocals and rolling bass lines. I saw Chune live a bunch of times as well and they were really an excellent band that never got the recognition they deserved.Unfortunately,both bands have sort of faded away into the distant memory of 90' punk/emo which is very unfortunate, as both bands deserve to be heard. So give this one a listen and if you like what you hear keep your eyes peeled for their records...I bet most can be found in local record store used bins for next to nothing...Dave G.

Garden Variety - Stickler
Chune - Dual Rectums

P.S. This post is dedicated to JBM who is my only blog follower that seems to care when I post these 90's rock gems.


jbm said...

Man, im so bummed that no one else seems to care about these great records. I mean, last i time i peeped the Crain post, no one had commented on that one (aside from my long rant), and i think Crain were one of the best bands from the 90's.

Great 7" here for sure. i've been tryin to find my copy of Knocking The Skill Level as i haven't listened to that one in a while, but really like that record a lot.

Dave, since the comment section for these 90's rock posts are for the most part only you and I goin back and forth, are u familiar with, or by chance a fan of the band Small from Chapel Hill, NC?? Their first record True Zero Hook (actually released under the name Small 23 because of a lawsuit) is another of my faves from the 90s scene that we often discuss. i would desribe it as maybe a Seam/Garden Variety cross pollination. the melodic/uptempo drive of Garden Variety mixed with some Seam-ish melancholy. definitely one of the most underrated records of the 90s in my opinion, especially considering all the records outta Chapel Hill that had so much praise heaped upon them, but weren't anywere near as good as this record. its just a nice solid rock record (and a great driving record, i might add) that never gets old and doesn't really have any weak tunes or anything. Its really just full of hits. The band released a lot of great singles around that time that are worth peeping.

i actually thought of another band when i saw you'd posted this that i wanted to ask u if your a fan of, but i cant remember who it was now.. Maybe it'll come back to me.

Word em up, Dave G!! I hope u don't let these folks discourage u from continuing to post some of this great stuff from the 90's. i love the 80's/early 90's speed metal and death metal stuff as much as the next guy, and some hardcore too, but that kinda stuff gets plenty of attention in the blog world as it is. This was the kinda stuff i lived on in the mid-90s (with a lot of hip hop too - listening to O.C. - "Word Life" right now) so im so glad to see someone giving some of those bands their props.

Dave G said...

Hell yes I remember Small. I actually stayed with them for a few days back in the 90's when I was touring with my brothers band. We crashed at Matt Walters house and we partied a little too hard lol. I only have one Small record though "Chin Music" and it's really good...think Archers Of Loaf meets Superchunk.

jbm said...

yeah, the singer from Archers was in Small before he formed that band, so i guess maybe i avoid that comparison cause it seems to obvious or somethin. But both bands were great and def had characteristics that seemed unique to only the two of em (the dual-vocal-melody chorus/mantras at the end of a lot of tunes stand out to me). Always liked Small just a bit more cause they seemed more solid in a rock kinda way - kinda like Small wanted to be Superchunk and Archers wanted to be Polvo (and no one can be Polvo). Still like Archers a lot though - the early singles and first record in particular. I had a cousin from NC who turned me on to them, and have played in a few different bands with another big Archers fan, so they've def been a big part of my life for sure.

A lot of good Chapel Hill bands from back then that didn't really get as much props as the bigger ones (i.e Superchunk, Polvo, Archers, Small, Pipe). Capsize 7, Geezer Lake, Tinsel, 81 Mulberry, Erectus Monotone, etc. All great bands too - all somehow very Chapel Hill-ish. and of course, most folks seem to forget that Seam were actually (originally) a Chapel Hill band..

i played in a band (and hopefully will again soon) that did a record with Jerry Kee, who produced stuff for all those Chapel Hill bands. i think we were the only TENN band to record out there.

CHRIS said...

one of the best split's of the 90's