Friday, December 03, 2010

Roach Motel - Roach and Roll - Destroy Records 1982

This is the first 7" from Roach Motel. I posted their 2nd 7" a few weeks back. I like this record a little more musically than the "What The Hell It's Roach Motel" 7 inch, but honestly the lyrics are a real killer for me. I understand we are talking about lyrics written by a bunch of teens trying to be obnoxious and offensive, but it's difficult to listen to a song like "Wetback" and not feel a little embarrassed, not for the band for writing it, but for myself for listening to it.

P.S. On a less serious note, doesn't the singer look like Steve-O from Jackass doing something terribly wrong to himself.


Zach said...

hahahahaha, i said the same thing to my brother when i showed him the cover.

Anonymous said...

600 copies made.

Zach said...

another steve-o look-a-like: