Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We The Living - Carnival of Vice - Subversive Records 1985

Fudge Ripple


This is a strange schizophrenic sounding record consisting of mainly fast punk/hardcore with strange slow interludes thrown in here and there for good measure...I guess. And, as if this record wasn't strange enough it closes with a Madonna cover song ( Material Girl) with the lead singer alternating between a fake female voice and his own screamed vocals. You'll just have to hear it for yourself...Dave G.


jbm said...

Good shiz. one of my fav FLA hardcore releases behind the Belching Penguins Draft Beer Lp. The Madonna "cover" is great too.. "great".. "too". I doubt to many folks remember this, as i knew a few folks who were heavily into the FLA scene in the late 80s and knew nothing of these guys.

Dave G, another shooting in the darkness, do u have any stuff by Distant Silence from Pensacola?? u seem to have a pretty extensive collection/knowledge of some of this stuff, and this is another one of those bands whos stuff im tryin to find and having no luck, but just wanna HEAR for the time being, if nothin else.

either way, great post. Hadn't heard or thought of this in a long'n. Now im wondering if i have it still.

Dave G said...

I don't have Distant Silence, but I'll keep and eye out for it. The Belching Penguins Lp is a great record that I have been looking for a vinyl copy of for years.

Zach said...

this is a good record, for me it would have been better if they didn't dri so much.

first song is good. the funky part of "abortion attempt" is great.

indeed a strange record.