Friday, February 18, 2011

Deep Sleep - Turn Me Off - 2011 - Grave Mistake Records

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I have to say I got exactly what I hoped for on this record...every song is up-tempo, direct and memorable. I always see Descendents comparisons made when it comes to Deep Sleep, hell I've done it myself, but on these new songs I swear I hear a touch of At The Drive In, especially vocally, but I doubt it's even intentional in all honesty, I just think there is a vocal similarity to my ears. If I had to make a complaint about this record it would be that it is too short...10 songs in 13 minutes , well at least it leaves me wanting more...Dave G.

Anyway, I definitely recommend this color vinyl is still available as well.

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Addendum: I have been spinning this record non-stop the past week or so and it's really great...the type of record that works it's way into your head and you can't get it out. I also saw Deep Sleep live last night 02/20/2011 and they were amazing so if they come to your town you should definitely get off your ass and go check them out.


Jon said...

I just got this in the mail yesterday, and I agree, great release.

Brushback said...

This record is friggin' great. Total ripper from start to finish. Way more hardcore than most people's descriptions would lead you to believe.

Dave G said...

Yeah guys this record just keeps getting better with each listen.