Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Deep Sleep - Grave Mistake Records

Deep Sleep - Baltimore MD.
Grave Mistake Records - Richmond VA.

Preorder new Lp " Turn Me Off" right HERE

I have to admit that Deep Sleep have spent a lot of time on my turntable over the past 4 years or so. I remember buying their first 7" " You're Screwed" on the Excellent Grave Mistake label and being totally blown away by their rough yet catchy punk sound. In my opinion Deep Sleep has upped the anti with each of their releases to date, which includes their 2008 second 7" "Manic Euphoria" and their 2009 third 7" Paranoid Futures" all of which have been released by Grave Mistake.

Musically, Deep Sleep have always brought the Descendents to mind for me personally, but they definitely put their own twist on things to keep the music fresh and current.

I am presenting a few songs from the bands 7" releases for your listening pleasure. If you like what you hear please head over to Grave Mistake and order their records, all of which are currently in print, or you can purchase the excellent "Three Things At Once" cd which compiles all 3 7" records onto one cd. Also, keep your eyes open for the bands forthcoming full length LP release on Grave Mistake called " Turn Me Off" which should be released February 2011, and promises to be a scorcher...Dave G.

01 Let Go You're Screwed 7" 2006
02 Checkout You're Screwed 7" 2006
03 I'm On Top Manic Euphoria 7" 2008
04 On A Slab Paranoid Futures 7" 2009

P.S. Grave Mistake currently has a package deal in their webstore where you get the cd and all three 7 inches for $ can't beat that deal so get on it. Also take a look around the webstore because I can seriously recommend Grave Mistakes entire back catalog of releases.


Zach said...

ha, it's funny you posted this because i was just fixing to buy the same package deal (except cd) from Cowabunga records. great band. yeah i can't wait for the new LP. did you pick up the newest Grave Mistake release, by Brain F?

Dave G said...

I just saw that you posted the Brain F track. I was waiting to order it when the new Deep Sleep Lp drops later this month.

Zach said...

oh yeah, good call. i can't wait for those No Way pre-orders too. they said to me that the Night Birds patches might not be ready, so they might ship them separately.