Monday, February 14, 2011

Urban Assault - S/T 7" 1982

Urban Assault
Shock Value
Join The Army
Product of Society

Urban Assault San Francisco, CA.
Fowl Records 1982

Excellent, maybe even classic mid paced early punk from San Francisco. Urban Assault reminds me of the Fuck Up's who are another of my favorite San Francisco punk bands who also released a 7" on Fowl Records back in 1982.


CHRIS said...

Dave....if I'm not mistaken...Urban Assault were actually from Lake Tahoe, and the singer was an English ex-pat, or just sang with a fake english accent.

Dave G said...

Chris, you are correct there was an Urban Assault from Reno NV and they were on the Nuke Your Dink 7" I posted a while back. They are 2 different bands.

CHRIS said...

Ah......thank you sir!

Zach said...

wow! this is great. the last song's guitar riffs remind me of DOA's Prisoner. never heard this, thanks as always!