Monday, February 07, 2011

United Mutation - Rainbow Person 7" DSI Records 1984

Strange record indeed. At times this record sounds like the Bad Brains on acid with a vocal mixture somewhere between HR and Blaine from the Accused. Zach over at Hardcore Punk reviews posted the bands demo 7" a while back and we both agreed that we really didn't care for it's straight forward noisy hookless approach, however this 7" which is the bands 2nd official 7" release I find totally appealing thanks to it's completely unique off the wall approach.


Zach said...

oh glad you posted this, cause i almost gave up on UM. yeah that demo is really bad, but this. this is actually pretty good. way more enjoyable to listen too. thanks, and thanks for putting my link there.

CHRIS said...

I always thought of UM as an east coast version of FANG.....weird, acid damaged, and atonal.

Dave G said...

That's a perfect description Chris.