Friday, January 28, 2011

Savage Thrust - Demo of Doom 1985

Classic NY thrash/power metal form Staten Island. I used to jam the shit out of this tape as a kid. I stupidly sold my copy back in the 90's for far too little money. I saw a copy of this sucker sell for $100 on ebay a few weeks ago. Included is a scan of a super rare original Savage Thrust business card from my metal vault. If you're the rich dude who bought the demo then you need this business card as well and I'm willing to part with it for the nominal fee of $100...Dave G.


Anonymous said...

LOL, yeah, but sometimes a fan wants to hear or own something so bad, he will pay ridiculous amounts.

Dave G said...

Very True...I was just joking about the $100 for the business card. I have been known to pay big $ on a record from time to time myself.

Dave G said...

So much for the $100 demo tape...I just won a perfectly minty original copy of this demo off ebay for $15.00 to replace my copy that I sold some years ago.