Monday, January 10, 2011

Rock N' Roll Heaven Clark NJ

It's been brought to my attention that there's a Facebook page for RNR Heaven. If you grew up in the NY/NJ area back in the 80's and you liked Metal then this store truly was heaven on earth.

Looking at the facebook page has me digging through my old metal shit again to see if I have anything to contribute which also lead me to uncover these cool old Voivod stickers and a Voivod fan club card. The RNR connection is I remember an old friend of mine who worked at the store definitely gave me the stickers back in the day.

Anyway check out the facebook page right here.


Brian said...

Oddly enough, I was just going through some stuff the other day and came across the exact same sticker as the one on the left.

Dave G said...

It's a great sticker. I need to get it in a frame or something before it gets ruined.

demo tapes said...

awesome. i remember being there and buying some records and when i got to the counter there was thi slittle guy with long hair checking out my vinyl and he said hey you got some good stuff there, you might like this. and he handed me the anthrax soldiers of metal 7 inch. it was scott ian... still got the 7 inch... also got my kill 'em all copy signed by the band RIP Cliff!!!

Dave G said...

did you get Kill em all signed at the in store they did at RnR Heaven ? I was there that day.