Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A.D.'s - Alone Again 7" - Blue Lunch Records 1981

Cool powerpop record from these upstate NY rockers that for the most part sounds like it should be posted up on the KBD Records blog, however the second track throws a bit of a curve ball into the mix with a bit of a Stooges feel. The final track picks up the pace and is the closest this record gets to straight up punk rock.

Alone Again


Zach said...

jesus christ, this is was better then the A.D.'s record KBD posted. are they the same band even? they sound way different. this is a great record. thank you.


Dave G said...

Yeah they are the same band Zach. They have another 7" that was released after this one called "More Than Once" and I saw a full length Lp at the local record store last week that I think came out in 87, I passed on the Lp.

Zach said...

oh how is the other 7"?

yeah a lot of bands tend to release really bad LPs later in the bands career. probably a good move on your part.

Dave G said...

living downtown 7" 1980
alone again 7" 1981
more than once 7" 1982
the Lp I saw was released in 85 or 87.

Dave G said...

I've never heard the More Than Once 7". it's on ebay for $50 BIN, but it sold for $30 earlier in the month. I'm not paying $50 for it.