Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snake Road 2010 demo

Snake Road - demo 2010 - Philadelphia PA.

Here's a new school hardcore band that submitted a copy of their demo to me a few days ago, and after giving it a listen I've decided that the demo is worthy of some recognition.

The band formed and recorded and released this demo in 2010, and for their first recordings I think they definitely show promise. If you like the newer school of hardcore bands like Integrity or Tragedy ( new school to me is 1990 - present) then you should definitely give these songs a listen. The band is currently writing new material and looking to play shows and get a 7" out in the near future.

My unsolicited demo policy is that if I think the band has promise then I will post up the music and let the blog followers provide feedback in the comments section. So if you like this demo then please leave a comment . If any other bands want to take a shot at getting on the blog then feel free to send me an email, and whenever I can I will try to help out promising young bands...Dave G.

Save You
Over and Out
Liberty or Death

Full demo Download

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CHRIS said...

That's pretty good stuff.......if my old ass wandered into a hardcore show and saw those guys I think I would be quite impressed.......and that says a lot about current state of hardcore.