Thursday, January 27, 2011

Drinking Is Great Compilation - Fatal Erection 1985

Excellent Portland punk compilation. The nice thing about this record is that you know Poison Idea and E13 rule, but the 2 lessor known bands (in my opinion) Lockjaw and Final Warning also deliver the goods.


Anonymous said...

Solid comp all the way.

I seem to recall getting my copy of this 7" as an alternate for something that was out of stock. Not a bad alternate, eh?

Check out the cool Final Warning CD that came out on Southern Lord Records.

Zach said...

oh this is great. i agree, i like the two lesser known band's songs the best. there is something special about "you dick" that i love. i'm definitely the guy on the left of the cover, except with a root beer in my hand. drinking sucks. thanks for the post!