Friday, April 24, 2009

Kleenex - You / U ep 1979

This post is for Scream Bloody Gore ( obvious Death reference) who took a chance on the Liliput single I posted last month and was pleasantly surprised to find that he liked Liliput. Honestly, nothing makes me happier then to see someone step outside their comfort zone and take a chance on some of the non-metal and non-punk music that I post up on this blog.

Anyway, Liliput and Kleenex are one in the same. The band changed their name to Liliput after they had some legal difficulties with the Kleenex tissue company I believe. This is really excellent post punk, which unfortunately had a strong influence on the terrible riot girl scene of the mid 90's. There is a 2 cd complete kleenex /Liliput discography available from Kill Rock Stars which you should definitely pick up if you do not feel like tracking down the original vinyl...Dave G.



screambloodygore said...

Yes thanks! I really like this band. This EP is great too!

I like all types of music, everything, that's what loving music is all about. No boundaries!

Except for country, just can't get into that. Although old-school country is okay from like the 50's-60's.

Johnny Cash of course but he's his own entity kinda.

Dave G said...

"I like all types of music, everything, that's what loving music is all about. No boundaries!"

I couldn't agree more SBG. I haven't really even scratched the surface of my musical interest with this blog yet. I occasionally sneak something in, but I think if I keep this blog going it will become much more varied musically moving forward.

Novemberer said...

Love that sleeve too! x