Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Magazine - Give Me Everything / I Love You Big Dummy ep 1978

Magazine was formed by Howard Devoto in 1977 after he left the Buzzcocks . Magazine released some fine records in their time especially "Real Life and "Secondhand Daylight". This single features a fine a-side in "Give Me Everything" and an absolute essential b-side in the Captain Beefheart cover " I Love You Big Dummy". The b-side is one of those songs that will end up stuck in your head all day long...Dave G.

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Deiter of Venice, CA said...

For a brief moment these guys were #$%@*@! amazing, after Real Life and waning somewhere before the release of The Correct Use of Soap (both great albums in their own right). The Weather period was interesting also and only a disappointment when compared to the magical things it followed. Live they were also brilliant. At each station was a player who was a gem in the studded crown that was Magazine. All were interesting to watch and intriguing to watch them form their individual musical contours. And Howard: For a brief moment he might've been the coolest guy on earth. Ah, memories...
Thanks for posting!