Thursday, April 23, 2009

Warzone - Tommy Rat Demo 1984 / Street Kids Demo 1986 bootleg Lp

My girl called me on her way to work this afternoon and she jokingly asked me " what do you do when I am not home" ? Well, I'm sure she thinks that I'm perusing the internet for sluts banging donkeys, or trying to meet 18 year old honeys on Myspace, but the truth is that I am sitting in my apartment playing NHL 09 on my PS3 and ripping Warzone bootlegs...seriously, what the hell is wrong with me...Dave G.



Stormy said...

Great blog. I put a similar Warzone post on my blog recently that also includes the Skinhead Youth (pre Warzone) live set.

Let's trade links


justin said...

Ha ha ha :D You too huh?

Dave G said...


I will link you up right now.

Thanks !

Dave G.

peskypesky said...

you crack me up.

AdamBomb said...

Dude, there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, playing NHL 09 and searching for punk rock is very noble indeed.

Let's trade links too.