Monday, March 28, 2011

Dynamic Truths - Understanding Is Overrated - Little Black Cloud 2010

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Here's a cd that I actually released last year on Little Black Cloud records which was a label I was involved in with 2 other friends until things went south between us. The label itself is still active, however I am no longer a part of the label.

Anyway, the Dynamic Truths were an active band in the mid 90's who released one 7" on Merge Records back around 1998 (which I was a big fan of) and then disbanded. As luck would have it one of my labelmates just happened to be friends with Bob Schick (vocalist Dynamic Truths, Honor Role, Coral etc) so we decided to ask Bob if he had any unreleased material that we might be able to release as an unreleased album. So to make a long story short we ended up with almost 30 unreleased songs which we whittled done to the 15 songs that are part of this cd collection.

I am going to give you a couple sample tracks to check out and if you want a copy of this cd then I have a few copies available though the Label/distro page on this blog or you can order a cd directly from the Little Black Cloud website that I am no longer affiliated with...Dave G

P.S. If you like vinyl you can get this album on vinyl from Little Black Cloud. I never got copies of the vinyl so please do not ask me if I have copies available.

Uh Huh

Sailors Of The Highway


James Damion said...

The band name alone got me interested in purchasing this. Listeniing to the samples and knowing the background of the members seals the deal.

Thanks Dave

CHRIS said...

Good post Dave......good release!