Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Offenders - I Hate Myself / Bad Times - Rabid Cat Records 1984

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I think Al Flipside nailed the review of this record back in 1984 so I think I will just share his review with you and leave my description out of the mix.

"I Hate Myself" is a wild musical barrage that never lets up, the guitar constantly screams at you. A real good single song. "Bad Times" however has a long dragging intro before it starts to cook but never really turns into food, good lyrics tho."
-Al Flipside, from Flipside #43, 1984

I Hate Myself
Bad Times


fairtradekookboek said...

Thanks, joyous memories!

Actually, the tracks are tagged as being by One Way System.


Dave G said...

"Actually, the tracks are tagged as being by One Way System"

hahahaha....I guess I messed up the tags. The songs are correct however.