Thursday, March 10, 2011

Murder-Suicide Pact

Murder-Suicide Pact - PO Box 3204 Brandon FL 33509


Murder-Suicide Pact formed in October of 1997 by ex-members of Failure Face, Slap of Reality, E.B.S. and End Of The Century Party. The band released a full length Lp (cd) in 1998 and then followed that up with a 7" called "Lobotomy Kit" . MSP continued to tour up until 2005 when the band finally called it quits, however in 2008 they reformed to play a reunion gig which lead to a UK tour and the band deciding to keep it together permanently once again. Since 2008 the band has released a demo and two 7 inches, and they continue to tour to this day.

Murder-Suicide Pact play a style of hardcore that is full of thick heavy riffs and gruff vocals with an overall sound that is similar to Failure Face, but maybe a bit thicker and heavier in the overall delivery of the songs . Also, I definitely hear a little Black Flag in the mix as well. Overall, the songs have a heavy / violent/angry feel to them, but they still manage to contain enough melody and catchy riffs to keep things interesting. Give these sample tracks a listen and if you like what you hear then hit some links and support the band...Dave G.

So Wrong ( to be released on Give Praise records in the near future)
Full Time ( Full Time 7" - Bacon Towne Records)
Road Rage ( s/t Album/CD - available from the band )
Pretty Good/Pretty Bad ( Do It or Don't 7" Give Praise Records )
Lobotomy Kit ( Lobotomy Kit 7"Burrito Records available from the band)

If you have any problems listening to the tracks above then you can download a zip of the songs Here

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