Thursday, March 24, 2011

Unsolicited demo and music submissions #1

Four Fingers - Sam Loomis 7"

Well here you have it, my first compilation post derived exclusively from demo and record submissions.

Up first is a self released 7" by "Four Fingers" who I had previously been unaware of though we live in roughly the same neighborhood. I would say that Four Fingers music fits in well with the music I normally post on the Rocket Science blog ( straight up punk/hardcore with good vocals and a combination of gang style and sing along choruses) . The band told me the newer material they are working on sounds like Infest meets Embrace which sounds like a cool idea to me....I look forward to hearing more from Four Fingers in the future.

The rest of the music submissions are all over the map honestly, everything from tough guy hardcore "Proof" to interesting Brasilian electronic type music from "Madame Rrose Sélavy". I also received something from a noisey band called "Teeth Nasher" with a simple note that said "I hope you hate music because I sure do" which makes sense when you hear the racket they have created.

Anyway, if you are feeling adventurous then check out these bands and feel free to comment etc.

Four Fingers - Sam Loomis 7"
Madame Rrose Sélavy
Teeth Nasher
Proof - blood money ep

Keep the demo and music submissions coming. You can email me at to submit your music...Dave G.

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James Damion said...

Four Fingers is playing the Meatlocker on the 1st and The Court Tavern on the 17th. Their live sets are insane. A combination of the Stooges and Black Flag.