Wednesday, March 23, 2011

From The Valley Within - A San Jose Compilation 1983 - Lost Records

Good compilation of San Jose punk bands from the early 80's. . I own this record because The Faction is on it, and I'm a fairly big Faction fan, however the other bands on this 7" are pretty good as well except for Grim Reality in my opinion.

Anyway, Grim Reality kicks this comp off with 2 slow songs that are just okay for me. Ribzy is up next with 2 rough and rockin' songs with vocals that bring Darby Crash to mind. The B-side kicks off with my boys The Faction and then finishes with Mistaken Identity who kick out 2 decent uptempo jams. I think the major problem for me with this 7" is that they kicked it off with my least favorite band, I bet if Grim Reality was the last band on the comp and not the first that this record would have a better overall feel for me...Dave G.


Zach said...

well in my opinion, this should have been a split between The Faction and Mistaken Identity haha. not a fan of the a-side at all really. never even heard of this 7" before, so thanks!

G O D said...

I have the Faction's "Dark Room " up at my blog
Let's Go Get Cokes!!