Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The New Hope Compilation - Smog Veil Records - reissue 2010

Smog Veil Records


The New Hope Compilation of 11 bands limited to 500 double color vinyl Lps.
Agitated - Go Blue, Go Die cd (12 studio tracks plus live)
Offbeats - Dumb Looks Still Free

This incredible compilation of Cleveland Ohio area punk /hardcore bands was originally released in 1983 on New Hope Records. I have to thank Smog Veil for re-releasing this monster and adding an entire albums worth of bonus tracks that were not included on the original 1983 release.

Honestly, what blows my mind about this compilation is that every damn song on this record kills. I dare you to listen to the sample songs I am providing by The Guns, Positive Violence,Zero Defex, Off Beats, agitated ( so goddamn good) and The Dark and then tell me you didn't have to run straight over to Smog Veil to get a copy of this Lp . As if the 30 songs on the original 1983 version of this record weren't enough, the reissued 2x Lp adds 30 more bonus songs and it comes with a download that includes an additional 20 you get a total of 80 !!! songs if you purchase the double vinyl.

Also, for more details about this album and to read even more praise just check out Erichs post on Good Bad Music For Bad, Bad Times...Dave G


Dave G said...

I've been overdosing on these Cleveland bands lately and I'm beginning to think that Cleveland may have had one of the best punk scenes in the U.S. based on what I have heard. So why are these bands so obscure to most. If most of these bands were from NY or LA or Chicago or Detroit they would be considered classic.

Zach said...

great post! great tracks all round. i need to pick this up on record store day (cause i'm finally getting to a record store).