Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Double Negative - Hardcore Confusion Volume 3 and 4 Sorry State Records

Double Negative have gone through some line up changes in the past year with the departure of Brian Walsby (drums) and  Kevin KC Collins (vocals) but on hardcore confusion volume 3 and 4 they really haven't missed a beat.

The music is intense and full of energy right from the start. I suppose the elephant in the room and what everyone will likely be talking about is the changing of vocalist which is understandable as vocalist will always be the toughest position to change...I mean are you a Dianno or Dickinson guy?  Personally I  have a preference for Dianno but I still love Maiden with Dickinson and  the same thing holds true with Double Negative in my opinion. I really like KC's vocals and thought they were an important part of -/- sound but on this ep I think Cameron delivers an excellent performance of his own and moving forward I think the band will continue to make killer music and some day people may be asking the question "are you a KC guy or a Cameron guy?"...Dave G.  


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James Damion said...

So glad I got to see them live. Can't wait to hear the new songs.