Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fatalitees - Yeah Right Lp 1983

The Fatalities existed from 1979- 1983 as a little know NY hardcore / punk band from upstate Dutchess County NY who recorded a bunch of tracks in their house, landed a few cuts on some obscure punk compilations, had the distinction of being the first hardcore band from outside New York City to play at the A7 club and then road off into the sunset to be completely forgotten for 30 years, that is until John at Tappan Hill Records started his own personal crusade to get the bands music out to the masses.

The fruit of John's labor is this raging full length Lp (50 on blue vinyl) that is currently bludgeoning my ear holes as I type away at this post. Musically the Fatalities come across like a giant middle finger in your face. The songs are simple, crude and catchy. I'm not 100% sure who to compare Fatalities too but if I was forced to make comparisons I would say The Wards meets Flipper would give you a pretty good idea of their sound.

In closing I urge you to track down a copy of this Lp for your collection. The pressing is limited, the color vinyl even more limited and the music is worthy of a spot in any punks record collection...Dave G.

 From the Label:

Vinyl reissue of the 1982 cassette album by this obscure upstate New York hardcore band. Very much of the time, this is straight up raw 1980s punk with a snotty, slightly humorous bent. Reminds me of the classics of this style like Adrenalin OD and Suburban Mutilation, but much more raw and primitive. If you like primitive, snot-nosed early 80s HC this will be right up your alley.

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