Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The Sterling Cooke Force - Full Force (Ebony Records) 1984

Here's an interesting record that I bought this past weekend based solely on the terrible album cover. When I bought this I figured I would spot check a few songs just to verify that the music was as bad as the album cover and then file the record away in my bad album cover collection, but I'll be damned this silly looking record  is pretty pretty good.

The album opens with a nice chugging riff heavy song in "Hit and Run" and then  moves through an album that has everything from boogie riffs to a cool Thin Lizzy / Jimi Hendrix vibe washing over a good handful of the tracks. Strange record to show up on Ebony records  from three dudes from Pennsylvania. This may not be the most original or inspired record you have ever heard, but there is definitely some worth while tunes on this platter, and the record is obviously  worth a couple bucks for the poor album cover art alone...Dave G.   


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Anonymous said...

Album cover was ruined by the record company. Hired an inexperienced artist who used the wrong kind of paint and the whole thing faded in the manufacturing process. A French mastering engineer with tin cans for ears mastered the album and ruined the audio. The cassette we were given, pre-mastering, sounded terrific.........