Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rodan - Aviary Demo Tape

Here's a hard to find demo tape if ever there was one. Rumor has it that only 200 were made and I have never seen another copy. I have also never seen an image of the actual correct demo tape cover which is the reason I am posting an image.

I came across this tape at least 10 -15 years ago after a very long time spent chasing internet leads and emailing as many people as I could think of who may have a copy of the tape. Eventually I located a woman in Louisville who had a connection of some sort to the band and after a few emails back and forth she realized I wanted this sucker pretty badly so she offered to send me the tape for free which was beyond nice.

Anyway, I wanted to post the image for all to see and also to see if anyone can verify that this is indeed the correct cover for the tape. I believe it is as it is laid out correctly, contains song titles, recording info and says it was released on Helen Ready Records 1993...Anyone, with specific details please comment...Dave G.

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