Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rough Kids - The State I'm In

 I'll tell you the quality control at Sorry State Records is down right impressive. I received 4 records from the label this week and so far they have all been excellent (see previous review Double Negative and Broken Prayer).

Rough Kids approach their sound from more of a 77 style punk direction with tons of hooks and snappy beats and memorable choruses to stick in your brain.  There is even some nice machine gun riffing in tracks like "insightful". Overall, Rough Kids hit the mark and deliver an excellent slab of pure memorable punk rock...3 Sorry State reviews down and 1 to go, curious to see if the winning streak continues...Dave G.


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James Damion said...

I just ordered this record along with three others from Sorry State. I'm amazed at the quality of output they continue to offer.