Monday, May 02, 2011

The Shards - st Lp - Sorry State Records 2011

The Shards - Raleigh North Carolina
Sorry State Records
Collective Zine review of Lp

I got this Lp a month ago or so, and it has been slowly worming it's way into my brain with each repeated listen. I have a lot of comparisons on the tip of my tongue for this record, but nothing is really jumping immediately to mind. The music itself is very thick and dark yet catchy as all hell.

Here is what the label has to say about the record.

"Raleigh, North Carolina's Shards return to Sorry State for their debut LP. The style is still dark, catchy punk in the tradition of bands like TSOL, 45 Grave and early Christian Death, but this time around the production is much more layered and ambitious, driving these great songs into your brain with maximum impact. This one has great packaging, too, including a gatefold jacket, obi strip, and free mp3 download. The first 100 orders also come with a 1.5" Shards button."

Here is one song for you to give a listen to, if you like what you hear then please visit Sorry State and grab yourself an Lp.

Breeder Scum

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